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Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Commentary | 0 comments

An ‘awesome’ clip on Korean TV for Hangul Day

An ‘awesome’ clip on Korean TV for Hangul Day

Koreafornian Cooking literally had two seconds of fame on national Korean television recently. KBS2’s Good Morning Korea show on Hangul Day — Oct. 9 — included a feature on Babo Shirts and its T-shirts with funny phrases in 한글 Hangul (Korean script).

The TV story opened with YouTube clips from Koreafornian Cooking and QiRanger videos in which we were wearing Babo T’s. I probably wouldn’t have found out about this if Babo Shirts hadn’t posted the clip and sent me a text link to it.

The clip in the Good Morning Korea segment — don’t blink, else you’ll miss it — is from my Korean Potato Salad video. You’ll also see this T-shirt on my Facebook page avatar.

The Korean word on the shirt — 짱! jjang! — is a common expression for best of the best, super or awesome.

If you like the shirt I’m wearing in the video, that exact shirt is no longer on sale but an updated version of the jjang (짱) shirt is available at

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