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Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Commentary, Korean Culture | 0 comments

Korean-style toast wins hearts in San Francisco

Korean-style toast wins hearts in San Francisco

Large slabs of Texas-sized sliced bread, toasted to perfection slathered with fancy toppings, long the purview of coffee shops in Seoul and Hong Kong has now come to San Francisco. But it wouldn’t be San Francisco unless the trend of $4 토스트 toaseu-teu (toast) also turned political with equal time to hand-wringing about the menace of gentrification

If you want an apples-to-apples review of Korean Toast from folks who have lived in Korea for three-plus years and know the food scene in Seoul, check out these reviews by Eat Your Kimchi, Qiranger and Cute in Korea

It can be difficult to do your own research on Korean Toast, because Koreans use the word toast interchangeably to describe what we would call a sandwich and Koreans have created some unusual sandwiches. You can find examples of these Korean sandwiches masquerading as toast in these reviews by Eat Your Kimchi and Chasing Glitter

However, if I have to judge on who does a better job of it only based on photographs floating around the Internet, I’d say the Koreans have the title of prettiest toast. The dessert versions, particularly, win hands down.

But you judge your food experience based on flavor, quality ingredients and culinary tradition, then San Francisco, with its 150-plus-year history of expertise with baking breads of all kinds, especially sourdough, take the crown of best savory toast. 

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