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Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Korean Food, Product Reviews | 0 comments

Cutest Korean snack review ever

Cutest Korean snack review ever

Dear Husband took a couple of high-carb Korean snacks to work. As a courtesy and before sampling the tastiness himself, he gave his fellow American co-workers fair warning of the assumed flavor profile of the sweet potato and 떡볶이 tteokbokki snacks.

tteokboggi and sweet potato snacks
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This is how my courteous hubby tries to warn his co-workers of the potential potency of the Korean snacks for his Hangul-challenged coworkers. (Jeff Quackenbush photo)

He texted the following report at lunch:

Carbs for the co-workers. The 떡볶이 snack was barely spicy.

It seems the cute little warning was a false five-alarm. The tteokbokki snack was slightly sweet, like the dish it mimics, but the heat came nowhere close to the sometimes-feared original. The sweet potato snack is has a light maple syrup sweetness balanced with black sesame seeds. 

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