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About Koreafornain Cooking: How I fuse Korean and Californian Cuisine

I’m a writer/blogger for Koreafornian Cooking (USA), ZenKimchi Food Journal (South Korea) and formerly of (South Korea) developing Korean and Korean fusion recipes, and writing articles on the Korean food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area and commentary on Korean food culture.

I’ve written articles for Yonhap News Agency based in South Korea and Plate Magazine, a culinary magazine and Cilantro Cooks. My recipes have been featured on Serious Eats/Slice,, New Asian Cuisine, and

Here are links to some of my work: 

Yonhap Feature: Culinary connoisseurs crave kimchi crocks

Yonhap Feature: San Francisco cultivates kimchi as California cuisine

Yonhap Feature: S.Korean food companies set sights on overseas wholesale buyers

Yonhap Feature: Center takes American approach to Korean Buddhism

I’m also open to doing interviews, such as this interview I recently did with Cilantro:The Cooks Shop, based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Expert Interview Series: Tammy Quackenbush on Fusing Californian and Korean Cuisine

I’m always interested in collaborating on recipes, writing projects, etc. Contact me with your pitch here

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